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Golf Dome Hours

Golf dome open    All you can hit golf balls starts May 1 til October 31...Hit unlimited balls for the price of a large per person per day... Call 412 397-4480 for more information.   Evening hours have changed slightly, please see below.



Golf open all day daily.

Day of the Week Date Golf hours..Time of Day Special Schedule Notes
Sunday June 4 **golf open 9 am til 6:30 pm**
Monday June 5 **golf open 9 am til 7:30 pm**
Tuesday June 6 ** golf open 9 am til 7:15pm** closes at 7:15 pm
Wednesday June 7 **golf open 9 am til 7:15 pm** closes at 7:15 pm
Thursday June 8 **golf open 9 am til 7:30 pm**
Friday June 9 **golf open 9 am til 7:30 pm**
Saturday June 10 **golf open 8 am til 6:30 pm**