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Golf Dome Hours

All you can hit golf balls starts May 1 til October 31...Hit unlimited balls for the price of a large per person per day... Call 412 397-4480 for more information. 


Golf open all day daily.

Day of the Week Date Golf hours..Time of Day Special Schedule Notes
Sunday October 1 **golf open 9 am til 6:30 pm**
Monday October 2 **golf open 9 am til 7:30 pm**
Tuesday October 3 **golf open 9 am til 7:15 pm**
Wednesday October 4 **golf open 9 am til 7 pm** Golf closes at 7 pm next six wednesdays for flag football league
Thursday October 5 **golf open 9 am til 7:30 pm**
Friday October 6 **golf open 9 am til 7:30 pm**
Saturday October 7 **golf open 8 am til 6:30 pm**