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Golf Dome Hours


Golf dome open daily: Open   Call 412 397-4480 for more information.  Starting January 9 til early March, times change for golf so please watch updates on this website each morning.


Upcoming Golf Dome hours...note January 9 thru March 5 hours are changed. ** means this time is golf time for sure for this date**

Day of the Week Date Golf hours..Time of Day Special Schedule Notes
Sunday February 5 **golf open 10 am til 6:30 pm**
Monday February 6 golf open 12 pm til 1:55, also golf open 4 pm til 5:55 pm February 6...check hours......Feb. 20..Presidents open 9 am til 5:55 pm
Tuesday February 7 golf open 5:30 pm til 7:45 pm February 7..check hours
Wednesday February 8 golf open 12 noon til 1:55 pm and also golf open 4 pm til 5:55 pm** February 8..check hours
Thursday February 9 , also ggolf open 5:30 pm til 7:45 pm** February 9..check hours
Friday February 3 **golf open 12 pm til 3:55 pm and golf open 6 pm til 7:45 pm**
Saturday February 4 **golf open 8 am til 6:30 pm**