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ISC Ice Plant Maintenance

By Rob Martin, 05/11/20, 7:15PM EDT


Check out some photos of our ice plant.

One of the cooling pipes connected to the barrel.

There are approximately 400 15' tubes in the barrels!

There are approximately 400 15' tubes in the barrels!

We have two chiller barrels in our ice plant.

End cap to one of the two Chiller Barrels. They are heavy!

The RMU Facilities and Operations teams have been busy working on our Chiller Barrels during the shut down. Last season we put a new cooling tower in. Since we had to shut down our ice plant this Spring,  we decided it was time to perform some deferred maintenance on our chillers. 

Brine (coolant) runs through the tubes in each barrel. The tubes are "bathed" inside the barrel with Ammonia which drastically reduces the temperature of the brine. The cold brine is sent to the rink floors to freeze the ice and then back to the barrels. 

We are replacing each tube in both chillers. We are also checking all of the fittings, unions, valves and connections. This maintenance updates our plant to provide the best ice in the safest environment.