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Fall registration opens Sunday August 4th at 7:00am

Winter 2024 CHAMPIONS


Priority 1 - Teams that've played the previous 3 seasons (1 calendar year)
Priority 2 - Teams that have played in a previous ISC Ice Hockey Team Entry league in the 2021-22 or 2022-23 season.
Priority 3 - All new teams

  Priority 1 Priority 2 Priority 3
Fall Aug 4-18, 2024 Aug. 19-22, 2024 Aug. 23 -Full, 
Winter Nov 10- 24, 2024 Nov 25- Dec 1 2024  Dec 2 -Full,
Summer April 1-14, 2025 April 15-20, 2025 April 20,-Full, 


Price: $1,775 per team, with a $200 deposit required upon registration. 

USA Hockey: ALL players who participate in the Adult Ice leagues at RMU ISC must have a valid USA Hockey number for the 23-24 year. 

Location: Olympic, Colonials, and Stadium Rinks.

Number of Games: 11 games are guaranteed and 17 are possible. Regular season is 10 games and all teams make the playoffs.

Playoffs: Finals-Best of 3; Semi Finals-Best of 3; Quarter finals-Single Elimination.

Overtime: Regular season games which end in a tie feature a five minute sudden death overtime. Just like the NHL teams which lose in overtime still earn one point, while the winners earn two.

Levels: B, C and D 

Number of Teams: Maximum 16 Teams

Clock: Three 20 minute running time periods with stop clock during the last two minutes of the third period when game is within 2 goals.

Referees: Included in league fees.

Jersey Requirement: All players are required to have matching colored jerseys with permanent numbers.

Ice Slots: All slots are scheduled in the evenings Sunday through Saturday and can begin as early as 9 PM and as late as 11:20 PM.

Team Awards: The winning team from each division receives an award. 

Rosters: Limited to 25 players. Players must play in 3 games to play in the playoffs. Rosters are frozen after the 3rd game.
League Rules:

  • All rules are in addition to USA Hockey rules.
  • All games are "NO CHECK".
  • The USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy is in effect for players, coaches, fans and officials in all Island Sports Center Leagues.
  • Physical abuse of the officials will result in permanent expulsion from league play at Island Sports Center.
  • Fighting results in an automatic 3- game suspension. A second fight is an automatic expulsion from the league.
  • Any player receiving five (5) penalties in one game shall be given a game misconduct, which carries a one additional game suspension.
  • ALL major penalties carry an automatic game misconduct penalty. Any player who receives a game misconduct penalty receives an automatic one game suspension.
  • Any time a team receives 15 penalties in a game, the game is immediately stopped with the current score being recorded if the offending team is losing, or as a 6-1 loss if the offending team is winning or tied.
  • All penalties, minors, majors, misconducts and game misconducts count towards this 15 penalty count.
  • Minor penalties are 2 minutes, major penalties are 5 minutes and misconducts are 10 minutes.
  • Icing is from the center ice red line.
  • Any team that drops out of the league after the schedule is made will forfeit their deposit, and league fees.