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The Neville Island Roller Hockey league is held at The RMU Island Sports Center, utilizing both the Gardens and Stadium Rinks. The regular season includes 10 games, followed by playoffs involving all teams. Playoff rounds consist of best-of-three finals, best-of-two semi-finals, and single elimination quarter-finals. Participants must be 18 or older, and each team consists of 4 players plus goalies, with rosters capped at 20 skaters spanning levels B to Z. Games are structured into three 15-minute periods with a stopped clock during the final two minutes if the game is within two goals. Teams are required to wear matching jerseys with permanent numbers, and league fees cover referees and scorekeeping.

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2024 Fall Adult Inline Registration

Priority 1 Fall team registration opens June 23 at 7:00 AM and runs until Sunday July 14th at midnight. The Summer session will run Aug 18th through Nov 24th 

Priority 1 teams are those currently playing in the Spring session. 

Priority 2 registration runs from July 15th to July 21st.

 Priority 2 registration is for teams who have played at RMU in the last calendar year but are not in the current session. 

Priority 3 registration runs from Jul 22nd until full.

Priority 3 is open registration. 


Location: Sportcourt Gardens and Stadium Rink.

Number of Games: 11 games are guaranteed and 17 are possible. Regular season is 10 games and all teams make the playoffs.

Playoffs: Finals-Best of 3; Semi Finals-Best of 2; Quarterfinals-Single Elimination.

Overtime: Played 3 on 3 for 3 minutes

Age Requirements: 18 years and older. Any team playing with players younger than 18 years of age will be removed from the league and all fees forfeited.

Number of Players: 4 on 4 plus goalies

Levels: B, C, D, E, F, G and Z

Number of Teams: Maximum of 40

Clock: Three 15-minute running time periods with clock stop in the final two minutes of a game which is within two goals.

Ball/Puck: All divisions are played with a puck.

Referees and Scorekeeping: Included in league fees.

Jersey Requirement: All players are required to have matching colored jerseys with permanent numbers.

Team Awards: The winning team from each division receives an award!

Rosters: Rosters are limited to 16 players.  Each skater must play in three games to be eligible for the playoffs.

League Rules:
  • Standard AAU rules apply.
  • There is no off sides or icing.
  • All players must be 18 years old to play in the Adult League.
  • Fighting results in a three game suspension. Any player who receives 3 penalties in a game receives a game misconduct. Game misconduct penalties result in an automatic one game suspension.
  • Goalies must wear In-line skates.
  • All players must wear a helmet designed for hockey, elbow pads, gloves designed for hockey or lacrosse, hockey shin guards and In-line skates.


$1,295 per team, with $200 deposit required to hold your spot.

Teams MUST be paid in full prior to their First game. Any team not paid in full by their second game will be assessed a $200 late fee.

 Any team that drops out after the schedule is made will forfeit their deposit, and possibly their league fees.