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Synchronized Skating

What Is Synchronized Skating?

Synchronized skating is the fastest growing segment of figure skating. Best described as "Rockettes on Ice," it is the least expensive form of competitive figure skating. A synchronized skating team consists of 8 to 20 members skating in unison to a choreographed program set to music. Programs are performed in front of judges during competitions.

Synchronized skating is a fun and rewarding experience for skaters of all ages. It is the newest and fastest growing discipline in the sport of figure skating. Since team skating first appeared in the late 1950s at the University of Michigan, synchronized skating has now become an international sport. U.S. teams now compete with teams from around the world. Synchronized skating is slated to be an Olympic sport in future Winter Games.

Join one of our two synchronized skating programs:

  • Steel City Blades (Competitive Travel Teams)
  • Steel City Stars (Developmental Team - Limited Travel)

Why Join A Skating Team?
Synchronized Team Skating is one of the fastest growing Collegiate sports! Synchronized skating is just not for beginners. Learning the skills of synchronized skating will enhance your abilities as a figure skater in freestyle, field moves and dance! Many advanced figure skaters and USFS gold medalists participate in synchronized skating. Team skating provides conditioning and additional skills not taught in normal figure skating sessions. Skaters improve their skills, speed, posture, presentation and style. Be apart of a team sports and learn skills that will last a lifetime!


RMU Island Sports Center Little Blades (Developmental Team) & Steel City Blades Competitive Teams are coaches by our Synchronized Skating Staff:

Beth Sutton, RMU ISC Skating Director

Katrina Wright, Current Head Coach Blue Team, 2023 Assistant Coach SCB 

Cari Manchester, 2012-22 Head Coach SCB White Team, Current Head Coach Red Team

Rosie Lynch, 2021-23 Head Coach Little Blades, Assistant Coach SCB, Current Head Coach White Team

SCB & Blades Assistant Coach:  Natalie Sobel

Congratulations to the Steel City Blades Open Juvenile Synchronized Skating Team  and Coach Jennie! 

Eastern Sectional Champions!