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Private Skating Lessons


If you're interested in learning to ice skate for enjoyment and recreation, or if you want to develop the skating skills to become a figure skater or hockey player, private ice skating instruction is for you!

Private instruction is provided exclusively by qualified instructors approved by the RMU Island Sports Center. Instructors are experienced professionals that offer all levels of instruction based on your personal goals.

Lessons are offered from beginner through advanced levels for recreational ice skating, figure skating and basic hockey skills.

To schedule a private lesson, refer to the list of Private Instructors and contact the instructor directly. Please note that instructors set their own lesson schedules based on their availability, and the RMU Island Sports Center is not responsible for instructors' private lesson schedules.

Additional questions in regards to private ice skating instruction or other RMU ISC skating programs may be directed to the Skating Director.

Private Instruction

Private Instructors have been approved for private instruction at the RMU Island Sports Center. Private instructors are not employees of the RMU Island Sports Center.

  • Skaters must contact the instructor directly for instructor availability, instructor private lesson policies and to schedule private instruction time.
  • Skaters receiving private instruction must pay the appropriate ice session and skate rental fees at the Guest Services Desk before going onto the ice for all sessions.
  • All private instruction fees must be paid directly to the private instructor and are separate from ice session and skate rental fees.
  • The RMU Island Sports Center is not responsible for private instruction schedules.
  • Private lessons may be given during public skating sessions or figure skating sessions and stick time. Only skaters that qualify by level and are approved by the skating director may receive lessons during figure skating or stick time sessions. Contact the instructor directly to schedule a lesson during the appropriate session.

Basic Skating Skills:
Instruction on basic fundamentals of ice skating, including the proper way to fall and get up, forward and backward skating, stopping, turns and crossovers. Prepares skaters for more advanced skating in figure skating or hockey.

Figure Skating:
Skaters learn more advanced skills such as jumps, spins and footwork, which are building blocks for freestyle and ice dancing.

Hockey Skills:
Hockey skaters who are learning more specific hockey focused skills to advance to higher level hockey techniques and power skating. No sticks or pucks.

Advanced Hockey Skills & Power Skating:
Hockey players who have are in need of more specific hockey playing skills and advanced power skating should reach out to our Hockey Academy Staff: Marianne Watkins:  or Blaine Buterbaugh:

All RMU Island Sports Center private skating instructors are members of:  U.S. Figure Skating (USFS)

Private instruction fees range from $15 to $42 per 30-minute lesson. Fees are determined by individual instructors according to industry standards, based on the instructor's individual achievements, coaching accomplishments, years of instructional experience and coaching education.

Please note that ice session and skate rental fees are not included in instructional fees. These fees must be paid at the Guest Services Desk before each lesson. Instructional fees are paid directly to the instructor.


Full Time Staff Coach: Full time coaches are devoted to coaching as their career. They spend time on and off ice "managing" their students skating path for testing and competitions and often assist other full or part coaches with supplemental lessons for skaters. General Skills Taught: Basic Skating Skills, Figure Skating Competitive & Recreational, Hockey Skills 

Part Time Coaches: Part Time Coaches are accomplished skaters who are in college or have chosen skating as a secondary career choice. They are devoted to the development of their skater but may not be available to attend testing sessions or competition events. General Skills Taught: Basic Skating Skills, Figure Skating, Hockey Skills  

Junior Coaches are coaches who are at least 16 or older and still in high school and beginning their coaching career.  They are accomplished skaters who are limited in their coaching  time due to their school schedules and are still actively training as skaters. General Skills Taught: Basic Skating Skills, Basic Figure Skating Skills, Basic Hockey Skills

Lesson Skills

Please see the list below of coaches available for basic skating skills, figure skating & hockey skills. 

Hockey Skills: Coaches who are available for hockey skills lessons are indicated  with an asterisk (*) next to their name.

Lesson Rates are based on a 30 minute lesson.